How to purchase

At this stage the principal way to purchase Bedouin handicrafts at the prices quoted on this website is to come and visit us personally in Saint Katherine.

You can pop in any time of day and on any day of the week - though it is a good idea to give us a call beforehand. We will have a cup of tea ready for your arrival and be delighted to show you what is in our display room.
Also we have a trusted volunteer associate -  Andrea Seager- in North West UK who holds quite a large stock of items there available for purchase at the prices quoted on this site. She has worked as a part of our project for several years and has a strong commitment to helping the Bedouin women. She will respond promptly to any enquiries via email. Please quote the code(s) for the products you wish to order. Postage costs would then apply, unless of course you could arrange collection of items in person.

Products may also be sold at other locations in Egypt or abroad by private purchasers and therefore the pricing of such items may well be higher to reflect the additional costs and margins of those other outlets.



From the East Coast: take the first proper asphalt turnoff on your left after Morgenland.

From Saint Katherine: take the first proper asphalt turnoff to your right after the police checkpoint.

How to Donate

Whilst we strive, as much as possible. to make and sell beautiful and unique handcrafted items, it is certainly the case that we struggle to find enough outlets/customers, particularly in the present climate wherethe number of tourists to the area has dropped very markedly. We therefore do welcome any donations, however small, to help us to continue to assist those in greatest need.


Our associate volunteer Andrea Seager has made her Paypal account available for these purposes as it is not possible at present for Egyptian residents to open a Paypal account.

Should you be so kind as to make any donation, please send us an email to confirm your transaction.

Thank you.